Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wahaca ca ca

Jeffer was in town which calls for what?! Nope, nothing rowing or chicken related but fine dining of course!! This time at Wahaca covent garden - a Mexican restaurant owned by someone who once won Masterchef - a tenuous link to restaurant fame but there you go.

So me and Jake the Snake went to meet the old boy (he's sixty this month, "old" is official) but there was nothing fine about the three of us waiting in Wahaca reception for thirty minutes, buzzer in hand, for a table. In fact, it felt a big like being in the queue at Argos (Argos? Kate Andrews?! Yeah I know, can you believe I've even stepped foot in such an establishment?)

Anyway luckily the food was worth the wait and as I'm not even a fan of Mexicans (no... This is NOT racist... I mean the food) this is saying something.

Pork tacos

Jeff tucking in

Some kind of spicy chicken with chilli sauce and cheese - yum

Jake fresh from work with a salt coated beer glass. I gave it a try, in theory i should have liked it as I'm a northerner so naturally over-salt the shit out of everything. But nope, I'll stick to the diet coke thanks.

There was loads more food but after the wait I was bloody starving and too hungry to snap.

All round a very enjoyable Tuesday evening. In the words of Greg Wallace (Jodie's almost-boyfriend... but that's another story)
" mmmm... That was laaaaverly".

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