Sunday, 6 January 2013

An Amish New Year

Apologies to both eichler and whatdidyouhaveforetealastnight fans, yes that's you mum. We've all been tres slack of late and the little German one has been holding the blogging fort solo.
Actually don't feel too bad for her, she lives for this shit, well this and finding catwalk copies for under 3 quid.
So to break the blogging drought, we had to come back with a cracker and what a cracker it was. The twine held its annual party, last year it was onsies, this year we went Amish. Turns out it was the easiest fancy dress evs #toomuchchoice #mywholewardrobelookslikethat

Yes that is a bra on Kate's head and a Claire's accessories hair bobble wrapped round jakes face. #resourcefulcouple.
To start the bash me and Taff were given the breakfast course. Now Taff LOVES a scotch egg. #askjones so I got seƱor bro to come up with a recipe, the full English scotch egg. We did a trial run which I wasn't allowed to touch, incase I ruined it. Oh the confidence.
Roll sausage meat with chives

Fill with mushrooms, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and fried off pancetta. Soft boil eggs and place in a line.

Roll into a massive sausage, seal then put I to the oven for 20 min.

Serve with homemade tomato sauce

Me and Taff recreated for the feast, he was sous chef, I was bossy. he'll probably never cook with me again. But at least we pulled it off in the end!

Et voila, it got the highly regarded Andrew's classic claim of 'restaurant quality' (she does say this ALOT)
We then exchanged gift, which Hendo lucked out on.. I mean who wouldn't want tattoo sleeves and an earpiercing gun?!

We almost managed to get a couple in the lobes too- that is before he wimped out like a girl after looking searchingly at jones for her approval.
The next course was Willmore and 'queen of the sides' jones. Now to be completely honest I had full confidence in jones' sides #cookingqueen #hasselbacks but wasn't quite sure that the snake could match. After Kate's threat, 'you better not fuck it up, we spent £40 on that beef' the pressure was on. And he did not dissapoint. The best beef Wellington I've ever had! Actually I've never had one before but it was goooood. Well Done Willmore

We then played an epic Xmas quiz made by Taff and moved onto desert, I have no pics of Kate and hendos crumble ...but it was yum nonetheless, And when I say Kate and Hendos I mean Kate's ... He was in charge of custard #heboughtit #copout.
We were joined by jill, Laurie, Mygdal and former housemate lynne #sobsob, necked jones' homemade limoncello and then hit the pub in our Amish attire.
Well not completely Amish, Mygdal insisted on wearing with sequinned leggings.. Well a gals gotta be zeeeeexy

After getting a few weird looks, branded racists and asked why we had tea towels on our heads.. Whatevs, losers. We headed home to see in the new year at the Twine.

The best new year evs, who knew religion could be so fun? Jones probably. Can't wait for next year. Fancy dress suggestions most welcome .......
Over and out
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