Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Fashion Week Survival Guide

Now all us fash crew know that LFW is haaaaard Work. Early morning rises, going from show to show, late night parties. It is imperative that one follows a fashion week survival guide to get through such a gruelling time.
See below for top tips on how to get through the fash packs biggest week.
1. Coconut water... High in vits, and gives you all the energy you need for those early rises.

2. Popcorn, available at all the shows, low in kcals and a taste sensation.

3. Fizz. Enough said.

Failing that, remember your roots and head to golden square for one of Greggs finest.

So what if you pass Alexandra shulman on the way.... I'm proud of my love for sausage rolls #lie #ihidthebagafterwards
The happiest I was all fashion week, With thanks to Holly, Lucia and Abi for getting me through this trying time. LOL. And with people like this frowing you need all the help you can get.

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