Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Liz's Home-Made Fish Fingers

"Is it acceptable to eat fish fingers if they're home made?" My sister Liz asked. Um, yes I responded, I'm partial to a fish finger sandwich. Who isn't? So our submission of the week comes from my sister Liz aka Mum of nephew of dreams Oliver. She used the hairy bikers recipe, and made her fish fingers using fresh haddock, and home made chips with potatoes from Bonds farm. For those of you not familiar, Bonds farm shop is Bucks' version of Tesco. Country style. Minus the toiletries aisle and electrical goods (except milk float). Here's some wise words from Liz: "Unlike your average processed fish finger, not naming any brands, (cough birds eye), my fish fingers are of no comparison and have been made with fresh haddock making them full of delicious flavours. I rolled each individual piece of fish firstly in plain flour (mixed with a pinch of salt and black pepper), then dipped into a beaten egg (free-range, freshly laid by my chickens this morning), then finally rolled in breadcrumbs mixed with polenta. Fried for a maximum of ten minutes on medium heat, turning every couple of minutes. Tips: use a generous coating of egg as it enables your breadcrumbs to stick to the fish. Do not fry on high heat as this will only cause your breadcrumb coating to burn. Do not worry about perfect fish finger shapes, different shapes add to the beauty of home cooking!"
I was very impressed with how Liz even provided a cross section of her fishy masterpieces - blog standards have hit an all time high folks. Can't wait to get back to the country to sample these bad boys. And see Oliver's face of course - here's a little piccy of him loving life out on the farm. Get off my land!!! Thanks Liz, you housewife extraordinaire. Eichler x

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