Sunday, 3 February 2013

India - night 1

So non blog has inspired me to get back in the blogging saddle. Sorry eichler, youve been holding the fort for far too long.

Me, the hippy and still got it, never lost it wanless, hit cafe del mar, which was not iN the costa del sol as it sounds but in varkalaaaaa, keralaaaaa, indiaaaaaaa ( later to be the only lyrics of the fat hippies bongo chants)

The food was off da hook deeeeeelish, we had king prawn tandoori, fish korma and fish jalfrezi with raitha (my new fave yoghurt dish) accompanied by garlic naan and rice,

oh and a smaaaall side of chips.. Whatevs, don't judge.

Even my fragile stomach had no problems, gutted, looks like ill have to do project rexi the proper way. Grrrrrrr. #tapwateranyone?

With full bellies we hit the rock and roll bar, with the customary bottle of spike, I mean water. After a couple of Vod oranges, everyone became good looking? Weird that. Who knew we had such a penchant for the locals?! Still getting those whassap's Hannah?

They even let us put our own iPods on, which was fine until Dolly Parton 'jolene' came
On and the dance floor cleared. #embarr #mumsongs.

And then we safetly (don't read mum) got a lift home with Craig David and a hottie from mile
End #whatarethechances?#homefromhome

While we listened to gangster rap and swigged whiskey out the bottle. #holdmeback #toozeeexxxytoohandle

Still managed to get up in time for a run along the beach and yoga. Ahhhhhh this is the life.
Til next time Nellist.

Ps, how many Xmas decorations are too many??

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