Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shirley valentines last Indian supper

Greetings from Kerela, yep non-blog has come out of the hippy woodwork for a one off India special.

After a week in paradise with batweasel and 'Got her mojo back' Nellist I ended my hols (yep this was a proper holiday, not one paid for by IPC) with this veg thali, costing a whopping £1.30- Gotta watch the rupee's now we're jobless eh.

The scene is set, we're eating off banana leaves in a little hut, all very Spititual apart from we're listening to Snoop Dog and i'm dancing like the mother f-ing D.O double Geeee #embarrasingmumstyle #whocareswe'redangeranimals

But this taste sensation was the perfect meal to end to my indian style day, spent barefoot (havianna breakage), fashioning myself a homemade turban to avoid sunstroke, whilst riding on the back of 20 year olds motorbike #propershirleyvalentinemoment.

And after 5 weeks in India, with a suitcase full of spices (and xmas decorations random I know but you'll be jels next December) I can safely say I still NOT bored of curry. It is by far the greatest food on earth.

Until next time
Peace, love, bongo's and happiness
Non blog x

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