Tuesday, 25 March 2014

BBQ Chilli Burgers

On Monday SCS and myself hosted our sixth BBQ of the year. That's right kids, it ain't even April and already everything we  eat is coated in a thin (and delicious) layer of charcoal.

As the trend for gourmet burgers seems to be booming, I'd thought I'd give making my own a go, and these babies went down an absolute storm.

Fry off red onions until soft and leave to cool completely. Once cold, mix the onions in a bowl with the mince, an egg, a red chilli and six crushed Jacobs cream crackers (keep extra to one side for inevitable snacking avec cheese).
Use your hands to bind the mixture together, and form into chunky burgers.
Wrap a plate in cling film, drizzle with olive oil and place burgers on top and leave in the fridge until ready to cook.

BBQ tip - begin cooking on the grill once the coals are white. If you are unsure how long this will take, just open a bottle of rouge and the coals should be white by the time you're opening the second bottle.

Meanwhile make the burger sauce - mix ketchup, mayo and smoked paprika. 

Make up the salsa - chop chilli, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, coriander, the juice of one lime and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix together.

Once the burgers are cooked to your liking (we're a medium rare household) 
layer in a white bun with the burger sauce or alternatively just keep it real with Mayo, and add in some salsa. 

Then add some slices of very thick mature cheddar cheese, and when you think you've got enough, add some more. 

We recommend popping the cheese on top of the burgers while they are still on the grill so get that melted cheese loveliness. And don't be messing around with sliced Fisher Price kitchen type plastic cheese. These are gourmet burgers. GORMET.

And there you have it. Chilli and cheese BBQ burgers to rival any of those central London burger joints. Although we suspect if this blog post goes stellar a similar queue will begin to form outside our flat.

Eichler (& Sam) x

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