Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Shoot Lunch

I've had some bad shoot lunches in my time. 

The most memorable of which being a meal so salty it caused Hughesy to projectile vomit all over the bonnet of a 1950s Cadillac when we were on a main fash trip in Cuba. 

The days of sushi and chips (ditto budgets) are over and today's lunch proved just that.

Now I'm all for a roast dinner, but this was like dining out at a school lunch hall in 1970. Dry chicken, potatoes that tasted like my nans feet (I imagine) and a rationing of three cremated carrots each. 

I'm just thankful the fridge was stocked up. I feel like that intern we had once who swiped numerous bars of chocolate and cans of pop from the fridge which Kate found in said interns bag. I say found, Kate snooped in the interns bag when the fatty went to the loo. 

Eichler x

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