Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lidl bit of Chic

Ok Ok, hold em back, I'll do the first post

Now the life of the FL (freelance abbreviation for future ref) obvs means more money that the pittance we were on at IPC, (the cat on a Main Fashion once got paid more than Eichler) But it does mean that the bags of cash come at irregular intervals. One must plan for this.....

So on one of my RARE days off I took a trip to Lidl, that's right gals it's not all high heels and bodycon dresses for this ex fashion editor....... And you know what, although the plant food was stacked next to the baby food (take note new mothers) it was GOOD. 

Not only can you get a bottle of Rioja that cost £3.99, another essential for the FL days. You can whip up this little breakie for about 40p. Ok I made that last but up, but still cheap! 

Apologies that I took the pic halfway through but it takes a while to get back in the swing of things. Vintage app and falcon enamel added to make cheap food look coooool. Et voila FL breakfast done. 


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