Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dean Street Town House

No, before you ask - Richard P Bacon was not in attendance. I'm beginning to go off him if I'm honest. (Only joking RPB forever).

Anyhoo, the lovely Emily from Emerge treated me to a Dean Street Dine, and how lovely it was.

Now I'm normally a sausages for breakfast kinda gal, but today I bucked the trend with an omelette. I even ordered off menu and asked for "a proper omelette." I don't go in for this egg white nonsense. It was filled with spinach and ham (and cheese, obviously).

Now I'll admit, when it rocked up at the table I instantly thought it looked like a perfectly formed poo. But, once I got over that and tucked in it was delicious. Perfectly cooked and seasoned and I even had a token round of toast. Yes readers, as well as egg yolks I also like carbohydrates. High fashion I certainly ain't.

Emily opted for the classic avacado on toast with side of smoked salmon. I'd never considered smoked salmon as a side before, but I certainly will now. 

Emily rubs shoulders with the elite (aka the Made in Chelsea cast) so I got some excellent gossip. We talked about work for a bit, too. 

Thanks for a great start to the day Emily!

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