Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mexican Salad

Yes, before you say it, we really do only eat Mexican and BBQ food at our gaff. 

Tonight's dine was a spin on the classic Caesar salad, I've made it a number of times before and it always goes down well. It's funny how just a bit of chilli can take things into man territory.

Start by beating up your chicken. Lay chicken breasts between two sheets of grease proof paper and beat with a rolling pin until the breasts are about an inch thick. Excellent stage for taking out a spot of agression. Sodding.Post.Man.I.Hate.Royal.Mail.

Then grind together some spices with a pestle and mortar - basil, paprika, cumin and fennel seeds make a great combo. Sprinkle this over the chicken then massage in to make sure the spices get absorbed. You can always beat the spices in if anger issues have not yet resided.

Start to fry the chicken in a little oil in a frying pan. In a seperate pan fry off some chopped up bacon until crispy.

Meanwhile make up your salsa - slice tomatos, chilli, spring onion and coriander, the juice of one lime and a drizzle of olive oil.

Then make your Guacamole - blend avacado, a few cherry tomatos, coriander, a chilli and the juice of one lime in a food processor. Or keep it real and mash with a fork (how primitive).

Put the squeezed limes in your salad bowl.

Tip: before squeezing your limes, roll them on a flat surface to release the juices.

Layer up your salad in the bowl with the limes - baby gem lettuce, rocket, coriander, a red chilli and crumble in some feta cheese.

Check your chicken - it should be turning nice and crispy so turn it over. Stir your bacon.

Make your chips - slice up tortilla wraps into triangles and lay onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive and sprinkle with salt. Pop into the oven for about 5 mins until slightly brown.

When your chicken is done, slice it into chunks. Pop your bacon, guacamole and salsa into seperate bowls, and take to the table along with your lettuce leaves and some soured cream.

Then leave your guests to make up their own salad - sociable, healthy(ish), filling and utterly delicious. With it's mix of Mexican and Greek flavours this bad boy is like the love child of Julius Caesar and Speedy Gonzales. If they were foods of course. 

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