Saturday, 24 May 2014

Timberland for tea

When the lovely Hawt Helen from IPR (I think that's what they call her) invited me to a Timberland (no longer just for 2pac)  workshop where you could try your hand at skateboard making, whiskey tasting, DJ-ing and BBQ-ing.

My response was 'I'm in' but who else is going? Now although I find myself a megalol, discovered by many a tinder date where i've had a whale of a time.....with myself, I do tend to work better in a pair, a kind of Robson and Jerome scenario. 

So much to my delight the response was don't worry we've put you with Lucia. *phew* So me and Maxine,(Lucia's alter ego) headed with gin cocktail in hand to the skateboard seminar. #skatergals Held by Stuart Smith from inky fingers we got to decorate our own boards. Not that I'm at all competitive, but ours were mega and everyone else's sucked ass (official skate term,I'm sure) infact we had to be dragged away from the sharpies to give the others a turn. #spoilsports

From this we then went onto a tasting guide of woodaged spirits with Tom 'hottie' Sandham #taketheringoff #marryme #imyours (I may have developed a small crush) part of 'the thinking drinkers' he told us loads of different stuff about spirits. I'm sure it was interesting but I spent most the time trying to give him love eyes and mouthing to Todd that I'd found the one that I can't quuuiitttee remember. Vanilla, that's it, they have vanilla in them.  

Hubba Hubba. He made us drink tequila, whiskey and rum and tried to convince us that if we weren't keen on the flavours it was important to drink more to become accustomed. SEE mum that's what I've been doing all these years. FINALLY a bit of back up from a professional, those AA people have no idea. On leaving Lucia asked for his 'details' wasted on marriage, this one would have cleaned up on guardian soulmates.

                     Tequila- VOM

On from tequila tasting we made a move for the decks. That's right the decks. Unfortunately they hadn't got the Beyonc√© memo, but the event was so super slick we'll let em off. DJ Bristow showed us all sorts of tricks.. That left Lucia speechless. Anyone that knows her will understand this is no small feat. 

We hung we our new BFFs, Nas in particular, or pharrell to us, actually he doesn't know we call him that but if you will wear one of those funny hats what do you expect? After this us gals and the ladZ hit the final workshop which was my fave the BBQ stand.

Held by DJ BBQ and his mate Steve the butcher, we learnt how to make melt in the middle burgers and beercan chicken.

Apaz I made the best burger and got offered a job in a butchers. GET.OVER.IT. So we celebrated in style.. With our new crew. Aiiiggghhht

                   Brothers 4 life.

An amazing time had at an amazing event. Thanks IPR. thanks Timberland. Ayour clobber was pretty cool too.

And here's Tom from thinking drinkers when he realised our love could never be. One day tom, one day.


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