Saturday, 10 May 2014

Jess's last PR supper

My darling friend Jess celebrated her last day as a fashion PR yesterday. Yep, the girl who I wrote groundbreaking fashion columns with for our university magazine has had enough and is leaving to be a teacher. It's the in thing, appaz. 

So what with that and the fact it's her birthday next week, a good old piss up was the obvious choice. A monumental day, followed by a monumental hangover, I can assure you.

We started the night off well by having an amazing dinner at soho hangout Jackson & Rye.

Super friendly staff, amazing ambience and the grub was top notch too. 
Jess, Pippa and myself opted for the buttermilk fried chicken and coleslaw which basically beats any fried chicken you've ever eaten before. Chicken Cottage  included.

Becky had the crab cakes, and chose a side of lettuce wedges. She was intrigued by what lettuce wedges actually were but quite frankly I'm not entirely sure what had her so confused. It's lettuce, cut into wedges.

To finish Jess and myself shared the peanut butter cookies and ice cream which was basically like crack in pudding form, and Becky and Pippa had the marshmellows. Never been a fan of marshmellows myself but they seemed impressed.

We then had espresso martinis, which are my new favourite thing. Sadly Sam doesn't feel the same and told me they are his new least favourite thing, mainly because I got in and woke him up "singing excessively" and then apparently bit his beard hair. Clearly the man doesn't know a come on when he sees one.

Anyway, after our delicious dinner we met up with Katie and Macca who was absolutely steaming having had her own leaving drinks, and nipped across the road to a place called O Bar.
It was seedy at best, played pop music and served double gin and tonics as standard. I was in my element!

A great night had by all, well done for jumping the fashion ship, Jess! Good luck pandering to those snotty nosed little shits. There are some similarities between being a primary school teacher and being a PR after all...

P.S if you go to Jackson & Rye, check in on Facebook and show the staff and you get a free Bellini!

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