Monday, 13 February 2012

Afternoon Tea

What did you have for tea last night? Actual tea, for that matter!

The lovely people at set me and my Bucks visiting friend Carrie up with the most delish afternoon tea at The Pelham Hotel in South Ken.

Basil me up gin cocktails, fresh sandwiches (cured ham and figs, smoked chicken and red pepper pesto, somerset brie and olives), mojito jelly, chocolate and caramel pop cakes, sweet and savoury scones, mini cupcakes, and a spot of earl was amazing. Surprising how filling mini food can be. Pretty sure its less calories though, no??

Then because the gin cocktails had got us on the sauce we went for a few cheeky bombay sapphires at a pub around the corner. Nearly saw my rainbow cupcakes again when they asked for £17.50 for a round.

East London anyone?

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