Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Babbington House.... Where dreams are made.

For a much needed break...( that magazine wears us into the ground I tell ya.) I headed to the wonderful Babb House with Mother Nellist in Somerset for a long weekend of relaxation. What was supposed to be her Xmas pressie turned out a lot more damaging to her purse than first imagined. But hey.. Only daughter and all that.

Before the obvs food lowdown Here's some pretty things in pictures.

Is it a towel, or a chair? it's both.. Genius.

And the food.... Delish and not even that pricey!

The breakie table

Fruit and muesli ( that I think was actually broken up flapjack) Greek yoghurt and stewed apple.

A Kate Andrews breakfast fave

A Jodie Nellist breakfast fave

A light lunch of Bloody Mary heaven and a fish finger sarnie.

Afternoon tea for two.. The most amazing cookies but I ate them before the piccy

And for dinner

Monkfish with caper dressing and courgette fritters

With a side of honey mustard chipolates... Mother nellist protested at the combo... But I must of got my weird combos from someone. And for only £3 .... I could live on that shit.

All in all a high brow weekend of pampering and relaxation...

Til next time Babbington .....

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