Monday, 20 February 2012

Marco the magnificent

We trekked down the stockwell, a bit of a random destination, but any place where you can get a voddy orange and a whiskey for under a fiver is not to be ignored.

And an even bigger draw is that it's home to one of the hottest italians ever!! Javier Bardem who?! Oh wait hes spanish, turns out there aren't many hot Italians after all.

Well Marco Testa is not only super handsome with his new beard but also one of the tastiest healthiest cooks about.

To start with he made:

Chunky guacamole with secret ingredients of red onion and chilli.

The pic doesn't do it justice, super nice with a real kick. With Courgette and spinach frittata.

Quinoa with tomatoes olives feta and Parmesan with added chilli flakes... Tasty and healthy.
And an Italian desert, which I can't remember the name but apparently is Sicilian and brings good luck.

And the supercute chef in his McDonald's style hairnet which is actually a bag of courgettes. Tres chic.

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