Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mishkins - The Jewish Deli Dine

Kate and I were overjoyed when we got invited by the 2 hottest girls in Arcadia, Ms Lisa Pierce and Ms Nicky Spouse to eat at the hippest new venue in town. Brought to us by the food gods behind Polpo and Polpetto,  Mishkins is their newest venue and comes in the form of a super stylised Jewish Deli.

Now, when they call themselves Jewish , they’re not being entirely honest. There WAS pork on the menu and you WERE able to eat dairy and meat together. Now according to the knowledge Lisa Pierce this is something a proper jew would never do… 

No lasagne? Who knew?! – No wonder there aren’t many jews in Italy.

Anyway on to the delish dine which me and kate spent the whole journey home discussing what an AMAZING meal it was… that could have been something to do with the Turbo cocktails but true nonetheless.

The Ultimate cocktail, gin, prosecco and lemon - rocket fuel in a super-cute tumbler.

The Dine, which, good news for me was a sharing platter


Pastrami on Rye

Hot Dawg

The best mac and cheese evs

The hot waiting staff, so what they're about 15. Isnt 2012 the year of the Cougar?

white choc chip cookie - honestly one of my fave ever deserts

A good night was had by all and who on earth knew religion could be so tasty?! 

Oh the LOL's

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