Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Trullo Terrific! (Get it?!)

Ok so this was meant to be Sam's Birthday lunch but I was so over excited  (we're talking clapping hands in the back of the car when we arrived and a strop when they sent us away for 20 mins because we arrived too early #totallymyfault) it might as well been my birthday treat. 
Reasons for gluttonous excitement 1) Impossible to get a booking because of rave reviews 2) On Sundays they do a set you have to eat EVERYTHING! Oh and vegetarians are barred from the restaurant on Sundays. No vegan foodies please.
 First up totally delish anti pasta- special mention to anchovy crostini...mama mia!
Next pasta with amalfi lemons- but let me tell you not a sour face in sight (sorry had too!)
 Then roasted duck with roasted potatoes (so good must be the duck fat) and olive alforno. Loads of kcals but worth every mouthful.
Lastly pud usually my least fave part of the meal (#notasweettooth) but this rhubarb and almond upside down cake was the perfect end to a practically perfect meal. 
Only downside it is pricey for home cooked style fair but as far as this blogger (cringe) is concerned Truello was really AMAZING even down to our Made In Chelsea Spencer look-a-like maitre d. Just hope the next visit can live up to the hype.

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