Thursday, 16 February 2012

L'Entrecote steak frites with Carla and Sue

Last night's dinner was so delicious I gave England's fattest man (60 stone /20000 kcals a day #fact) a run for his money. It was so so tasty that it was even worth waiting for an hour (64mins according to Carla) and I don't say that lightly. Its one of those restaurants that don't take bookings but has a line snaking around the building. My friend Sue confirmed it was the longest line she'd ever seen there but we decided to brave it anyway. It was worth it. There is no menu at L'Entrecote (we were at the Marylebone Lane one - appaz there's one at Bank but it's not as good according to a man we met in the queue #friendly) - it's just steak and frites with a starter of lettuce salad (gawd knows what they do to everything but even this was delicious) and fresh French bread (no butter mind, it's French innit- apparently that's not le way). Then they bring the piece de resistance: steak and frite.

Apologies for the shot half way through eating (I'd been waiting an hour - priorities right?). So. The steak is thinly sliced and has the most delicious sauce known to mankind on it (not exactly sure what it is but take
my word for it). The frites are cooked to perfection. And the best thing? They give you second helpings without you asking - just nonchalantly on a tray. It's so goddamn chic. We even shared profiteroles for pudding (not as good as the steak frites so we'll skim over them).

Sorry about the slight blur we'd had a few glasses of vin rouge by that point to get into the French spirit you see (when in Rome). All in all a taste sensation. I want to go again - like now, for breakfast.

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