Sunday, 12 February 2012

Weekend healthy breakfast

Don't all have heart failure (though realistically that's probably slightly overstating how bothered anyone is whether I blog or not) but as the second least active blogger (after hannah 'the terrier' hughes) you know this must be worthy. Im going to flag it up first - many might think this is not a tasty treat (and compared to say, an American Hot from Pizza Express you'd be right) but it was actually quite delicious. My other half was not convinced but to be fair if it's not battered lard he doesn't really understand it.

Ok so boil one egg, chop up some cherry tomatoes, when egg is boiled take out of the water and blanche a large handful of spinach in the boiling water (saves you boiling two pans, see #recession). Put spinach on plate, chop up egg, mix in tomatoes add copious salt and pepper (important). Bobs your uncle it's very tasty (I'm not lying) and I reckon only about 100 kcals if you're bothered. It could only have been improved by a slightly more runny egg but I figure if I still can't soft boil an egg by this age it's never going to happen.
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