Thursday, 23 February 2012

Burgers and Lobsters

Me and Hans were taken to new hotspot burger and lobster by the lovely ladies at our assembly. Freddie tshbshshsbshua and a grumpy Catherine. (I'm not sure shed seen her spiritual counsellor that day.)

Now the new trend of 'too cool for reservations' is somewhat annoying, However we patiently and slightly whingingly waited at the bar. The blow was somewhat softened by the waitress who let me order cocktails 'off menu' and didnt seem to get annoyed when i asked for something 'a bit gingery, minty and vodkery'

And when we were seated, boy was it worth the wait. The menu consists or 3 options, burgers, lobsters and lobster rolls. Dreamy.

Hannah's suggestions to wear our bibs like beards. NB she 32.

The burger with bacon and cheese.

100% the best burger I've ever eaten

Now that's what I all dining etiquette

And the lobster- obvs me and Hannah shared both.

Burger with a side of lobster, what's not to love? My new death row meal sorted.

Although we were fit to burst we thought we had to try the pudding. Once again there was no menu, simply lime mousse or chocolate. We opted for lime, turned out to be the perfect palette cleanser.

All in all one amazing dine. And everyone left happy, even catherine got out of her grump. (she'd earlier called me a transvestite that should wear socks... Ahhhh sweet)

Burger and Lobster you were worth the wait.

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  1. my favourite bit about this is that han let's you get away with saying she's 32 ;) 'Til Thursday she's 31 and no doubt makin the most of it...