Monday, 4 May 2015

A Hippy Roast

After having minimal sleep due to the waste-of-time boxing, I was knackered but had already agreed to a run. FML. Give me a break mate. 

If I was going down I was taking everyone with me, so bullied my brother and fianc√©-to-be (well that's if I had my way #marryher) and continued to threaten sibling divorce unless he came too. Begrudgingly he finally agreed. That boy LOVES me. 

We ran on a blustery Brighton seafront, josh got mega-chafing and I had a stitch the whole way through but we did it. And treated ourself with leftover Spanish omelette and a glass of red. Perfection. 

For lunch we were meeting another Brighton-ite Hannah 'hippy' Hughes. She suggested a pub  called 'the earth and stars' WHY am I not suprised?? #hippy #youknowshedoesntwash. We googled it and it said it was 'the most environmentally friendly pub in Brighton powered by a solar panel roof' and yes she did have the nut roast. The rumour is she eats bee pollen for breakfast and doesn't shave her armpits but keep that on the downlow.

It has the widest variety for roasts- duck, lamb, chicken, pork, HAM, veggie and vegan for all the Brighton earth lovers. I went for a sharesy option of the roast belly pork and roast chicken.

It was good, massive and really good value- a tenner a roast, you don't get that in LDN, must be them solar panels saving them a couple of quid. 

Earthy Hannah eating her nut roast while pulling her favourite emoji- can you guess what it is yet? After discussing how she really would like to live in a commune.

The plate of slop, I mean vegan roast. Hannah's a REALLY strict vegan, well that is until she fancies a burger and then not so much.

I had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch and ended up spraining my ankle. I blame that hippy organic shit, I definitely hadn't drank too much. Impossible. Definitely not. 

Serves me right, that the last time I go to one of them hippy joints. #shouldastucktonandos

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