Friday, 8 May 2015

Rolling lessons

Disclaimer: this does not look that tasty but actually is. I just wasn't that good at the execution. I've never been a pro roller- see told you mum. 

Now I learnt how to do this in Vietnam, rah rah rah, how wanky does that sound? Wanky but also true. We went on one of the epic LOOK trips and put some of our left over budget to a cookery class, sorry I mean recce of the kitchens. 

The simple summer roll- I reckon this has the highest health/taste ratio of any lunch out there. Per roll there's 117 calories which means you can neck about 7 of them before you even start to feel guilty. 

Start with the dipping sauce, chop up garlic, ginger, chilli in equal measures, blend and add a teaspoon of sugar,2 tablespoons of fish sausage and juice of a small lime. 

Next prepare all the rolling ingredients. Cooked prawn cut in half (I recommend waitrose) thinly sliced carrot, beansprouts, lettuce, noodles that have been placed in hot water for 15 mins and drained, mint, coriander and chives 

Errrrm Check out my mint! I KNEW needed that old can looking thing for a fiver from 'Workshop' in Brighton! 

Get some rice paper, you can get these in any Chinese supermarket. Place in warm water for a minute or so until it softens. 

Lay out on a chopping board and begin adding the ingredients. Prawns, followed by mint, lettuce (iceberg or lambs) carrots, beansprouts then coriander and chives. Leave a little space at the top. 

Roll tightly, tucking in the sides as you go. This was my error, in my youth I was the watcher not the doer. FFS. Knew 'cigarette' smoking wasn't all bad, try and find a friend with experienced rolling skills to get these looking more profesh, alternatively just head to Camden and ask anyone there.

Et voila Delish prawn summer rolls with a garlic and chilli dipping sauce. Note to all teens - smoking is bad for you, But there ain't no harm in learning to roll ;)

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