Sunday, 10 May 2015

A London Brekkie

Today we decided to give New Cross's "trendy"/only cafe a second chance. Last time we ventured there for a bacon sanger we waited 45 mins and received 2 slices of bread and 1 rasher of bacon. Ridiculous! EVERYONE knows you need at least 4. We're not ones for revenge but obviously on the way home we gave it a bad review on Trip Advisor "only visit the LP if you're a veggie with time on your hands".

Anyway with only that, Birdy Num Nums and Chinwags (yes.... they are the ACTUAL names of New Cross cafes) to choose from we thought we'd give it another go. And we weren't disappointed. 

Jake went for the classic sausage sandwich and I went for what only can be described as a "soooo London" bacon sandwich. Halloumi, check. Sourdough, check. Slow roasted tomatoes, check. Rocket, check. 

And despite not being 4 slices of smoked back bacon between Hovis seed sensation sliced bread it was very delicious. I mean, Jake did comment that my egg was a bit over cooked but withdrew his statement when I told him that it was in fact halloumi.

Chuck in a couple of enamel plates and you've two thumbs up right there. Told you it was trendy. There's not chia seeds on the menu yet like...give it time. 

And who needs breakfast at the top of The Shard when you've got a view like this?! 

London Particular, you've redeemed yourself. 

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