Sunday, 3 May 2015

Fight and Fiesta

For the bank holiday weekend we headed to Brighton to see junior Nellist's new pad. After a spot of lunch, fish and chips with a side of fish platter, and a meat platter and tuna tartar and a few rolls of bread. I insisted I go to my favourite shop in Brighton. The Workshop. This is literally my dream place- I'm like a Jew in a bagel shop, pacing the store with excitement palpitations. I mean just LOOK at it. #swoonfest #wishiwasamish

I spent about half an hour picking stuff up and debating the want/need ratio. I mean I think I NEED herb snippers and a wooden train, apparently not as they were prised off me. FFS. I held it together, didn't throw a tantrum but managed to sneak in a pouch and a notebook- you know those things you really don't have enough of. 

Anyway on to tea.. Junior Nellist just happens to have a beaut espanol girlfriend called Alba, I could speak to her in Spanish but just can't be bothered. They decided to make us a tapas feast. As this is in my top 3 nationalities I was pretty excited, and it was good! Turns out the little bro can cook. Who knew?! 

We had Tortilla de patatas,boquerones en vinagre, gambas alajillo con calamares,pintxos morunos y setas salteadas. Yea exactly. 

Prawns and squid in chilli and garlic, a bit messy but my favourite thing evs.

The anchovies in olive oil and garlic, these are beaut and my fave snack, you can get them from waitrose. I did once take them into LOOK mag for my mid-morning snack, but after several looks of shame and a couple of gags from passers by as I swallowed em back like a seal in the kitchen I thought best to keep on the downlow. #secretsnacks #secreteater #fishslurper

Spanish omelette made by a proper spaniard. Delissshhhhh

Pan fried garlic oyster mushrooms

All topped off with this allioli, apaz its the way they do it in Spain, you just spread it on everything, or I think that's what she said. #heartattackwaitingtohappen 

SO good- a Spanish success, TOMAAAA finished with a cola cao hot chocolate that made you feel like you were on your hols. Available in all good meditareanean food stores obvs. 

Then the best thing, we put down the sofa bed in the living room which meant drinking in bed was TOTALLY acceptable. #winning #gettingabedinmylivingroom and watched about 5 episodes of the office which Josh knew by heart.

 "He's thrown a kettle over a pub. What have you ever done??"

 "I don't see boss and entertainer as mutually exclusive"

"I like to fuse MC Hammer and shit"

There was then MUCH discussion about whether or not we watch the big fight. Mayweather vs Pacquiao at 5AM! We couldn't find any bars to watch it, we don't have sky, we couldn't stream it, so we did the most obvious thing, set an alarm and FaceTimed one of my other brothers and made him hold up the phone while we watched it through FaceTime. 
We were Team Pacquiao apaz he's a singer, actor boxer, basketball player and a Wanna be president. This guys a mega overachiever, bit like us fashion stylists and food bloggers

Well what a bloody waste of time, 2 grown men prancing round a ring barely touching each other for 12 rounds. Glad I never wasted £20 viewing rental, I think we're onto something here, who needs a bloody TV liscence when you can watch it through FaceTime. #beatingthesystem #powertothepeople 

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