Thursday, 30 April 2015

I Heart Japan

I LOVE Japanese food- it's in my top 3 nationalities of cuisine, along with Vietnamese.. I love an Asian, ask Jose.
And Spanish, well I did practically grow up there. 

I've STILL not been to Japan, im SO desperate to go, infact so much so that I like to throw the odd Japanese night at mi casa. Tokyo, Mile End. Same, Same.  There was the time I dressed as a geisha and Kate dressed as HELLO KITTY

Who knew you could do THAT with a pillowcase. I applaud you Andrews. 

And there was the time Florence Welsh came over for a Japanese night thinking it was a warehouse party and it was me and my brother being cooked tea by my Japanese photographer friend Yukuske. She was pretty wasted so didn't seem to notice, then she serenaded me with a song about my ex boyfriend running off with a GoGo dancer. #alltrue #toughlife #shouldhaveboughtapole and then she put her cigarette out on my kitchen floor which I ALLOWED coz I love that 'you've got the lurrrveeee, you've got the luurruurururrurve to see me through' song. 

If only Fi had had got the memo that it was a JAPANESE night and that a sari isn't quiiiiittteee the same thing. 

Anyway I'm digressing with my #TBT that's a THROWBACK THURSDAY mum, she's just getting her head round hashtags. For tea tonight I went to my Favourite Japanese in London and low and behold it's in Mile End *coughs* well Aldgate East but whatevs.

It really is amazing and not a bad price either- I go so much that i get the same seat and today the waitress said 'you've not ordered your usual spider roll this evening' I have infact never ordered it but that's not the point, they know us and in the cold, cold world of LDN this is BIG news! 

The salmon and avocado roll and tekka maki- that's right, I know the lingo 

The butatakuni- which is braised pork belly in a sweet sadhu soy sauce with yellow mustard

Ebi tempura, make sure you have the boiled one and not the sweet one that's raw and tastes of slime. 

The torikaraage- fried chicken marinated with chilli soy sauce.

Prawn tempura - you may notice this is not the same photography, that's coz its off google. I'd necked the lot before I'd managed to snap shots.

Bloody amazing.. Really fresh, pretty healthy. Batter and pork fat IS healthy if you eat it with sushi. And who would have known this gem was nestled in the mean streets of East London. May as well cancel that flight, who needs Tokyo when you've got amazing food, a kimono and a pillowcase and you can get yourself home in time for corrie. #winning. 

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