Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fashion Friday Fodder

Now everyone asks what's the best thing about being on a shoot.  'creating beautiful images and collaborating with other creative minds' I answer......well, when my boss is around anyway. 

What I really mean is the lunch. forget making my pack-up egg mayonnaise sandwiches, (YES I do love them, we're not in the playground now, don't be a hater.) this is an excuse to majorly chow down on someone else's dollar. 

We shot in provision studios in Londons trendy Hoxton. That's right all you shoreditchers, we know where it's at. 

We opted for number 4 and when I say we I mean I. #selfisheater. Obvs I wanted  option 6 #northernerslovepork but since I'm on a pork ban (ham NOT included) I went for the chicken. Snoresville. 

It was OK - the herb crusted chicken was a little over cooked and the Ragu under salted. So much so that I only went back three times. 

We ate Al Fresco and before you ask no that isn't THE Jon Rochas, that's our superstar makeup artist Kenneth #sohdelicious. He ain't bad cook either.  

We scoffed it down in about 10 mins, followed it with a chocolate guiness cake that was so heavy it could sink a ship. Although that didn't stop Louis necking it til he felt sick. 

Afterwards we got straight back to work. (for that read .....played the lookalike game)

I went for a classy spice girl homage #passtheunionjack

While  Chris who normally rocks the 'David Dickinson ' look,(God, does that boy love a tan?!) has undergone a small reinvention.

Watch your back Sandler. There's a new little Nicky in town. 
Anyway enough of these MEGAlols. Back to work. Fashion waits for no man. 

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