Monday, 27 April 2015

Prosecco, Paella and a Pass Out

As Mum's know, getting to sit child-free on a train with a bottle of Prosecco is the equivalent of a non-mum being told she's been given a years membership to Shoreditch House. Pretty damn exciting. And as most people will tell you it takes a lot for me to be enthusiastic or excited. In fact, I'm unsure if it's EVER happened. But I was very excited about this prospect. On the inside anyway. 

So the hours train journey from London to Bicester this weekend was spent guzzling prosecco. Lucky then that the father in law was cooking up one of his specialties. Chicken and seafood paella. He was taught how to make it by a 101 year old woman in a remote village in the Spanish hills, her family had had the recipe passed down through her family for 25 generations. 

Ok ok, he learnt how to make it on holiday once but whatevs, it's beaut. 

In the mix was chicken, prawns, huge shell on prawns, mussels, salmon, calamari and chorizo. A feast! 

We ate it whilst guzzling more prosecco and you'd think with the giant portion I went for it'd be enough to line my stomach. It appeared not, as 2 hours into the 30th birthday house party we then went to, this happened; 


And weirdly I thought making this photo black and white would make it less embarrassing. It hasn't. 

Note to self. Just don't get excited about anything. It ain't worth it. 

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