Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mum tea for one

When the husband is away "on business" (likely story), I am left to fend for myself. 

Like anyone was has a baby will know, you generally don't get to sit down after work til roughly 7.45pm. Before realising that you then have tidying/laundry/washing your hair to do. So food is unfortunately not a priority. I know, insane right?! 

It's in these desperate times of need that I reach for spaghetti with shop bought pasta sauce and red wine. I don't feel embarrassed about this student experience. It's merely a survival technique. I'm like the Bear Grylls of South East London. Foraging what I can from the cupboard in order to survive. Except, unlike Bear I actually paid for my tea. 

Besides, the sauce was Sainburys Taste the Difference, so it was pretty posh, AND I put it in a falcon enamel dish so I managed to retain my extremely high levels of coolness despite it being a rush job. 

I ate this at 8pm. 8PM FFS!!  As a northerner I grew up eating tea at 5.10pm to coincide with the beginning of Home and Away. Instead I had to eat this solo, whilst watching people cook fancy foods on Masterchef. Not that their gold gilted macaroons with basil and raspberry foam were that impressive anyway. I could probs make em. Just can't be arsed. 

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