Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Thai Curry Tuesday

So before you ask, no, this post isn't sponsored by Sainsburys. Though after this bad boy has been live a couple of weeks I expect Mr J Sainsbury will get a whacking great bonus due to sudden increase in sales.

For this simple Thai red curry you need organic chicken (or just standard Sainsburys own), baby veg, coconut milk, Thai red paste, ginger and rice.

Before you start be careful not to knock a  whole pot of chilli flakes out of the cupboard.

GOOD TIMES!  Thankfully my trusty Labour and Wait (naturally) dustpan and brush was on hand for such emergencies. 

Fry the chicken in half the jar of paste and add freshly grated ginger. The ginger was actually from our local organic farm shop. Which means I'm in the category of people who buy local organic produce. I know... I've read the guardian twice as well (*smug face). 

Add the coconut milk and chuck in the veg for the last 5-7 min. I even added a few cherry tomatoes as well. I think they call this "Asian-fusion".

Oh look! They're Sainburys too.

During this do what any self respecting Thai chef would do and chuck a Sainburys boil in the bag rice into some boiling water. 

And there you have it!

If you want to give this dish even more authenticity  (if possible), then add some coriander. I had some but it was 3 weeks out of date and I draw the line at 2.


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