Tuesday, 14 April 2015

IPR do press days

Press days mean 2 things - 1. checking out next seasons amazing new collections and more importantly 2. eating more food that would be acceptable in a normal day. Fashion Rule: canap├ęs do not count as meals.

Our first stop of the day we headed to IPR for breakie and no I'm not sponsored by them, but yes sponsorship and all other gifting is more than welcome. They'd decked out their East London Warehouse style office into a place of Zen. We walked into see a Winter Terrarium, to those not in the know thats a jazzy glass thing full of plants, and more importantly a table full of food.

 Now press days have gone healthy on us, gone are the mini burgers and in is the courgette spaghetti - I blame Hemsley and Hemlsey. Only joking gals i love a nut as much as the rest of them
There was superfood granola, fruit salad and yoghurt with a selection of juices, luckily they had my fave carrot,ginger, and apple so no diva 'if mariah can have it so can I' tantrums here. The perfect start to a busy day of appointments. 

After scoffing this down we checked out the AW15 press preview, you will see me wearing ALL the below. 
Skirt from Ganni
White shirt and dungers from Monki
Cowboy print dress from Bumba y Lola

We then went to check out the corner of ZEN where a reiki healer and sound hypnotherapist were offering treatments - me, the wanless and rachel from IPR all got given a crystal and had 7 minutes of mindful meditation. Mmmmmmmmmmm

We all got given a tarot reading too, I got manifestation which I think meant loads of good shit was gonna happen. #winning and Wanless said she felt some weird angel type thing on her shoulder but she believes all that kinda jazz so i wouldn't take serious note. 

The crystal I was supposed to carry with me and it would open some light gateway or summit????! Well it sent my cat Maggie a bit weird when I got home so must be doing something right.

Peace, Zen, Calm and Clothes. Bloody hell now that's a press day. 

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