Monday, 27 April 2015

An Asian BBQ

Earlier in the week we got an invite to 'the Weasels' house for a BBQ. Now everyone knows this isn't an invite you'd turn down. Iain is possibly the best cook EVER and wanless is the hostess with the mostess. Well that is until she's had a few two many rose's and starts pogo dancing round the living room like a lunatic.

Jose 'I love pork' bass was on the invite list so in true dream host fashion the theme of the BBQ was Asian. And no, much to the whole of shanghai's annoyance Jose isn't Chinese or even Japanese #Konichiwaaaaaa. He was 'born in Spain, grew up in Canada, his mother's Philippino and he never even knew his own father' Talk about Asian fusion. 

I arrived a tad worse for wear after a 3am finish the night before but was bullied into necking a glass of rose on arrival to 'bring me round' #wanlesstheboozepusher #youdontneedtotellmetwice. After a bit of vitamin D and a few more glasses I was back on track and slurping away in Wanless' below average garden. 

Then the food, WOW. We had Duck yum neau, mussel green curry, char Sui pork and pak choi, tamarind glazed ribs and chicken satay. 

 chef Iain threatening the Pak Choi 

Our Spread:

The Thai green mussel curry- absolutely increds.

The BBQ tamarind glazed ribs.

The duck yum Neau 

The char Sui pork and Pak choi

And finally the chicken satay 

It was definitely the best BBQ I've ever had. We spent the whole meal stuffing our faces and swooning like my boyfriend Greg Wallace. #whatcouldhavebeen #itsnottoolate #callme...again

After acting all posh chowing down on our swanky BBQ, we lost all signs of sophistication by emptying the chopstick pack and doing a kind of whiplash/stomp  medley. It was loud, it wasn't in time, but after a couple of rounds of negronis - boy did we think we were good. Ringo eat your heart out. #obvsdontknowanyotherdrummers 

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