Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Sushi Lunch

Having visited Japan twice now the Japanese embassy are in talks about giving me my own passport but whilst I wait I thought I'd visit sushi hotspot Tsuru on the Southbank instead. 

In my top three foods of all time (along with fish finger sandwiches and haven't decided the third) you will find salmon and avocado California rolls. So the decision was an easy one. 

In the interests of not spending £15 on lunch (I ain't the editor of Vogue. Yet) I opted for this small £3.95 sushi box instead of the larger £7.25 one I actually wanted. AND you have to add £1.50 on if you want to eat inside. Come ooonnn!! Who the hell's gonna do that?! Just say you're taking out and sit on a table away from the counter, obviously.

Tsuru is better than Itsu in my opinion because a) it's not a chain* (therefore waaayyy more upmarket) and b) it (appears) to have actual Japanese working there (I think). Not of this "alright darrrrllin...... You want chopsticks wiv thaatt?!" nonsense. Therefore AUTHENTIC. 
Plus it's not warm after having spent the last 6 hours on a conveyabelt (*cough*, Yo Sushi).

The only downfall is the the price. After inhaling 6 Calfornia rolls solo at my desk (sob) I was still starving (sob sob). Luckily for me these doughnuts had been delivered into the office around 36 hours previously and despite being dry by the time I'd discovered them I had a nibble/ stuffed one in my face. 

So overall I'd say, visit Tsuru for lunch if you're either not very hungry, on a diet or rich, the sushi rolls are top drawer. 

Disclaimer: *actually, it might be chain... I'm not 100% on that. Google it if you're that bothered. 

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