Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A River Island Breakie

Yes it's STILL press day time, nowadays they pretty much last the full season. I'm not complaining like, means I get to sample loss of free grub. 

AGAIN We had to start at 8.30AM- now I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record- but I just don't know WHY wanless makes me start this early. It's like arriving first at a party and waiting for the cool kids to arrive, and no that's not you Stofberg, you're just late. I'm not in a full time job, I don't have a kid, therefore I have no reason to get up at such a god foresaken hour. Well apart from the 'puppy-dog, no pressure, there is really lots of pressure' face I get that wins everytime. 

Wanless was infact LATE- and not because she was still in bed but because she'd been to about a hundred already. Obvs. I told her not to worry I'd out the collection. I lied. I just waited for the food to be ready and sipped on me carrot juice. 

I went for the usual- carrot and apple juice from River Islands in house juice bar. There was an option of a prosecco cocktail which I considered and stupidly vocalised. Only later to be told 'someone was asking if it was too early for prosecco!!!' errrrrrm who could that be??? #itsnevertooearly, and as I once got told from a close friend of VB's her Motto is 'well it's happy hour somewhere in the world' dam right posh- maybe you're not such a number after all.

I then bypassed the crepe stand. You see I don't really like sweet things. Which I told a whole shoot yesterday before eating 3 pieces of cake. Whatevs, so sue me.

And I headed out to the 'cheeky italian' food van outside for a pancetta, scrambled egg and roasted tomato Sanger 

Was BEAUT and way better than all these beetroot granola bars some press days are trying to pass off as human food. 

After that I did check out the collection- which by the way was pretty amaze. Seventies EVERYTHING

And these little cuties Holly and Rosie showing us their fave piece. Babes.

River I salute you! Amazing collection, amazing food #bringbackthebacon 

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