Sunday, 19 April 2015

Mile End is on the UP

Now, I'm not sure whether I've mentioned, but Mile End is on the up. It's been steadily creeping for the past 10 years and now I'd say it's pretty much the centre of all things cool. Forget Shoreditch House's chicken shop, we've got a HFC, that's halal fried chicken to those not in the know, and we like it. 

For a few years now, back when Andrews was in the 'hood of cool' we headed to Zealand Road cafe on Roman Road for brunch, well that and gawking at the fitties. Seriously this place is like a magnet for hotness. Everytime we went we literally met our dream future husband. Kate's husband seemed to have an issue with it but like we told him, they were probs out our league anyway, we were always gonna have to settle for a lesser guy. He didn't seem to like that either. God knows why. 

Anyway today I decided it was worth a revisit and it didn't disappoint. I needed my daily hit of pork (I'd actually already had Parma ham for breakie) so I went for a BLAT Sanger on flatbread, obviously they added avocado, we are in London. #sandwichsnobs #stillloveacheesemix

Topped off with a bottle of St Clements. (That's posh Fanta FYI) and doused in mayo AND ketchup. This really never disappoints. Well done Zealand, well done Mile End. Like I said, we're on the up. 

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