Friday, 17 April 2015

A Trace PR double dine

Now Trace PR are a company that know how to do events, whether its their halloween horror-bus bar crawl or their christmas pub quiz which i just happen to have won 2 years running #justsayin #champion.

And their press day is no different, infact its so good I went twice. The first time I went for lunch with newly glam mega babe Stofberg from Wardrobe Icons, To be honest you probably know her better from her stint at the more prestigious whatdidyouhavefortealastnight blog til we kicked her finely preened ass into touch, she just wasn't northern enough. Yea, yea we know you went to boarding school in the lakes.

We checked out the collection and I got an A-grade Manicure while Petro went to see the resident card reader psychic Jackie. She was told she'd live in a super swank house in Hampstead with a gorgeous kid and a computer whizz husband. Yea right, like thats gonna happen.

Next time I went for breakie with whaeato Danger Downie. Ask her why she's dangerous, she loves it and has a tatt to prove it. We had a near miss when Lian from Trace tried to convince Danger D that the flour loaded croissants were infact gluten free. Stylist killed by press day. As a person who can and does eat everything I went for a loaded bowl of green granola with coconut yoghurt and blueberries. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Fave thing from press day were these amaze new heels from Moda In Pelle, I'll be wearing all of them when I manage to prise my feet out my new balance. 

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