Thursday, 30 April 2015

If Oasis did press days.......

.......Which they do and boy are they good. It was like being an extra in 'Goodnight Sweetheart' without that annoying Nicholas Lyndhurst character #sticktorodney #onlyfools4evs

We walked into a 1970's high street, with a florist, sweetshop, hairdressers and shoe cobblers. All dressed in Oasis OBVS.

Me getting me hair done. 

Me walking the dogs 

Me picking up the fruit and veg from 'pink lady green grocers' not as good as Nellist & Co obviiioouusssllly. Don't worry dad, they've got nowt on us. 

The help yourself sweet-shop, wish all shops were this 'cheap'. I did once nick a pack of tunes from bob's shop in the village. That was a bargain. 

Killer picnic basket and heels- dreamy.

My boyfriend in the cobblers 

And the amazing clothes to go with- NEED this skirt to go with my 500 blue polonecks. 

And this bad boy that Jill called 'groovy' well she did see the seventies the first time round, probs how she knows all the lingo. 

And then MORE bacon sandwiches! GET IN.. #banthebeetrootbar #bringbackthebacon

The classic triangle sanger- always a fave, I might have knocked a couple back. 
Fruit salad. Simple and basic just the way I like it. I survived the first half of my life without touching an acai berry so I think I'm good. 

And the cereal selection.. I used to buzz of them multipacks when I was about 12.
Now I don't know anyone that still eats cereal, except me BFF Indea but she also still buys chocolate 'Freddos' and I'm sure I spotted a 'CLUB' last time I was there #ifyoulikealotofchocolateofyourbuscuit

EPIC press day Oasis and hats off to the visual merchandisers. Let's go eighties next time, I love a chicken Kiev. 

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