Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Aubergine Parmigana for Two

Now my new best friend Lucy Walker was coming over for tea so I needed to chef something up. Seeing as the last time we ate together was probably the Pandora press trip to Thailand where pretty much everything was Michelin star standard the pressure was on. #pandoraweloveyou #bestweekofourlives

After the shocking discovery that I'm a 'pork addict' I decided to jump on board this #meatfreemonday malarkey and no I'm not counting the taster pork charSui bun that a Vietnamese lady pretty much shoved in my gob in soho. I didn't even want it, It was free. God it was good. 

I went for aubergine parmigana, a Jamie oliver recipe, with a couple of tweaks. 

Chop up aubergine, i went for baby aubergine as Marks AND Tesco had both sold out of normal size, I think large ones would have worked better. I added mushroom too, 5 a day and all that. Make into smiley faces, it's Monday- we need all the help we can get FFS.

Chop up garlic, an onion and oregano. I added chilli for an extra kick 

Fry off for about 10 min or until the onion has softened. Add in 2 tins of tomatoes and cook for a further 15.

Meanwhile griddle the mushroom and aubergine 

Get a ceramic dish and start layering ingredients 
Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce
Each layer I added in some torn basil.

Then on the top rip up some mozzarella, place in the oven on 190 and cook for 30 min.
Et voila. BEAUT. 

My new best friend Lucy Walker liked it so much she literally licked the bowl clean, while telling me her dream was to give up fashion, move to a campsite and rear sheep. She's a hippy at heart that one.

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