Friday, 17 April 2015


After a night out with the ladzzz at my favourite sushi restaurant in East London Sushinoen I was feeling a tad worse for wear this morn. I think someone seriously may have spiked my 6th drink. 

Instead of combating with my usual full fat coke and greggs sausage roll #greggsforlife #northernerslovepork I decided to go clean. That's right there's hope for all. 

I dusted off the juicer and no before you ask I don't have a bloody nutribullet. Apart from 'How are you so tanned?' and '*why are you so good looking?' I reckon that's my most frequently asked question. 

*disclaimer- I'm lying, well about the good looking part. The rest is true- I have OLIVE skin FFS

I went for my usual fave

Ginger, mint, spinach, pineapple, carrot and apple. 

Tasted Delish and left me feeling smug 

Loving life, loving London. It's Friday Y'alllllll

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