Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A HPR Breakie

Another day, another round of press days.

First stop was to meet jill 'the machine' Wanless, now as a #freelancer i don't get out of bed for less than... well about £20. bookings available at But she makes us meet at NINE, i mean NINE, have you seen the central line at that time woman?! Give Me A Break. Anyway the diligent worker i am I agree and i arrive at 9, well more like 9.15am, I missed my stop as I was reading about June Sarpong in STYLIST magazine. I mean who knew she was still alive?

I arrive to another super healthy breakie at HPR, catering from The Skinny Kitchen. I went for the knickerbocker morning glory of strawberry and banana overnight oats with almond milk and chia seeds topped with greek yoghurt and homemade granola - which I manage to wolf in about a second, that extra tube stop really built up my appetite.

I manage to nab an extra one on the way out for 'a friend' who weirdly appears whenever it's canapé time.

After this we checked out the amazing collections, I LOVE HPR and not just because Harriet tells me too. Look at Vivetta pieces below, i meaannn HELLLooHHOOO *loveeyes*

Jill got a bit carried away in the fur section. Monsters inc anyone??

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