Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tramshed; The Cow and The Chicken

I'm We decided to go "shoreditching" and dined in Tramshed on Sunday. Correct - shoreditching is a verb, at least that's what really important fashion types call it, or so we've heard. Anyway being well into art (we visited the Tate Modern a couple of weeks ago AND featured Martin Parr in our FIRST CLASS honours degree) we thought that Tramshed ticks all the boxes. Art, fine dining, meat, chips etc. 

For those that don't know, Tramshed is a Mark Hix restaurant with Damian Hirst shit in it. Not literally shit, it's just a dead cow in fish tank and painting on the wall. Cool huh! 

Anyway we ordered the obligatory steak and loads of deep fried side dishes but avoided the chicken. Here's why...

Chickens feet are just not for us. Sorry Chinese people, we love your other offerings. 

Anyway the steak and prawn cocktail was pretty good and we had lots of fun with the celery from the Bloody Mary's (there were babies with us alright! Desperate times!!)

I'd give Tramshed a 5/10 if I'm hons. Too pricey for what it is, I mean I saw a cow last week at Vauxhall City Farm. FOR FREE! 

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