Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pizza, Wine, DVD etc

Saturday night took us to Belsize Park to Petros pretty average gaff for pizza and prosecco. We just about managed to squeeze into her 6 bed mansion with a kitchen bigger than our house put together and a floor they don't even use. Unfortunately the staff had gone home for the day so we were left to fend for ourselves. I'm joking! Kind of. 

Anyway as well as necking as much as we could of Petro's prosecco (the gals got her own vineyard ffs) we got take out from Franco Manca , the new hottest pizza gaff in the town. Pizza pros literally queue round the block for a slice of this pizza heaven. Now were not knocking Pizza Express, in fact it's home to one of the wildest nights out we've ever had (and that's including the time Fiona copped off with a barman at a press event and his nose ring made her face bleed) but this joint is next level.

The difference is they make their pizza from slow-rising sour dough cooked for a minimum of 20 hours in some posh brick oven that literally makes the best crust, like ever. We went for 2 of the 'Home cured Gloucester old spot ham with mozzarella, buffalo ricotta and wild mushrooms' it was one of them white pizzas so we added extra tomato sauce - lets not go too posh for gawd's sake.

Now this pizza was something else. We were grabbing slices quicker than fashion bloggers nab the gift bags after a press day. 

After this we had a lesson from Petro in how to take the perfect selfie. Now, there was us thinking all bloggers were young, pretty and photogenic, well no siree! The answer is a £600 odd quid Sony camera that clears skin, whitens teeth and widens your eyes. We've heard that one blogger is actually 65 and has collected her bus pass but thanks to this piece of technological genius, she has the unsuspecting readers of her indulgent fashion blog believe she's about 30 years  younger. Who knew?! 

Just when you thought we couldn't get any better looking...

I know right?! Storm Models, if you're thinking about snapping us up, now's your chance. Seems anyone can be a model these days anyway. Not like people with food blogs. That takes real skill. 

Few glasses of prosec later and it was time to spend half an hour waiting for Ubers "sudden price surge" to drop.

We left swiftly after we got busted by Pet's high brow father-in-law watching 'Nana Love:50 shades of granny', we reckon he's probably already seen it. (still on 5 Demand for anyone interested)

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