Saturday, 11 April 2015

SuperTrash, SuperLunch, SuperFriday

Whats better than a sunny Friday in London?

ERRRRM one with shopping and food OBVS.

I met the lovely Todd and Rachel from IPR in the SuperTrash store on carnaby street for a bit of pre-lunch shopping, well oonneeeee does need to build up an appetite doesn't onneee (I'd had a sneaky greggs sausage roll as a starter,so needed to make a bit of room #secreteater #greggstilidie #northernerslovepork) After trying on most the denim instore I settled on THE best dungaree shorts, a classic breton vest (YES I DO need more) and some suede sandals with mega fringing, which just so happen to be one of summers biggest trends didn't you know. Smashing it.

We then sauntered down the road to NOPI, the restaurant from the Ottolenghi crew. Now I'm a BIG fan of this joint for breakie - best scrambled eggs in London - but I'd never been for lunch so was getting V excited. We decided we were happy with our seat choice - Diva Todd doesn't sit in corners and discussed how high maintenance we'd be if we were celebs, I mean if puppies were on offer to play with then why the hell not, I hear ya Mariah. We then placed our order, you can either go for a main or sharing plates. Obviously we went for both. We had mocktails all round - YES thats a cocktail sans alcohol, pass the bloody halo.

To start with we had the 'burrata, blood orange, coriander seeds and lavender' and the 'courgette and manouri fritters with cardomom yoghurt' It arrived like a pieces of art - total perfection, fresh, clean and delish. Although I'm still not a believer in fruits with savoury dishes so I gave that blood orange a firm sweep to one side.

After that came the 'Rotolo, spinach, mushroom with walnut miso' Rotolo is a type of pasta similar to cannelloni, YES of course we knew that and NO google didn't help.

Next the 'pork belly, apple puree and pickled cedro lemon' and finally the 'onglet, barley miso and shitake ketchup'
BEAUT - Well done Nopi an all round success.

Your toilets aint bad either. ooooo wall of mirrorrsssss. 500 Jodies? sounds like a bloody dream come true.


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