Sunday, 26 April 2015

Post Marathon Burger

Post the London Marathon we built up quite an appetite. Watching, not running Obvs. I did apply one year and I didn't make the ballad. Gutted. Well you can't say I didn't try. And let's be honest those bleeding nipples were enough to put anyone off. #passthevaseline
We headed to dirty burger, now Im not sure if I mentioned but Mile End is on the up, and this is the proof. Down the street where Mile End road meets Whitechapel Road the shoreditch house group have moved in, in the shape of a 'dirty burger'  'chicken shop' combo. 

We all know those guys know how to do things well and no I'm not just talking about the cowshed products in the bathroom that me and me mam try and decant on the sly. 

You enter an unsuspecting graffitied doorway to a kind of rotisserie chicken, burger warehouse.

I was a tad hungover and feeling greedy so decided to carry on the marathon theme by ordering everything on the menu. 2 dirty bacon cheeseburgers with a side of fried chicken, chips, coleslaw and an avocado, gem lettuce salad. 

It was GOOOD, so much so that we argued over the positioning of the fries, there was just MORE room on my side of the table FFS. And it's not a bad price either- a £7 burger and £5 for quarter chicken. Add that to the 'greedy cow' hand cream decanted into a milk carton and you're making a profit. JOKES. I would never do anything like that. Would I Mum???! 

Someone looks like their enjoying that 'dirty' burger a little too much. 

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