Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Northerners LOVE pork

Do all northerners love pork? Was the question I got posed last week. Initially I was perplexed until it was pointed out that my weekly intake of pork is perhaps excessive. 

Now I knew I craved a greggs sausage roll like a junkie craves crack but to be honest I didn't really think that was problematic, until one fashion week when I nearly got busted by my editor wolfing one down. #notfashionfood #itwasabagofseedshonestly

Note: For secret sausage roll eating beware of pastry crumbs. Total giveaway.

And if that wasn't obvious enough I got given a Greggs VOUCHER for my secret Santa that year. And no,  I didn't know they did them either. Oh the shame.  

So here it is.. I'm admitting it. Bacon, sausage, ham, PORK BELLY. My names jodie and I'm a porkaholic. 

And yes that is a personalised chopping board. Get. Over. It. 

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