Thursday, 30 April 2015

Viet Grill Take Out

Unfortunately Street Studios has stopped doing Itsu sushi take-outs (nooo!) so we had to go for the closest we could geographically get and opt for a Viet Grill takeaway for our shoot day lunch. 
I got the Chicken Pho. Much discussion occurred about how to pronounce "Pho" so naturally we asked Jay Zhang the Chinese hairstylist which way is correct. It's "fur", FYI. 

Anyway I only went and FORGOT to order summer rolls aswell. What a fatal error. I obviously didn't stop banging on about it for the rest of the day. The Chicken Fur is far too healthy to eat on it's own, it's a soup ffs, which equals a drink, which means I actually forgot to order lunch altogether. FML.

Whilst it was tasty and I felt totally virtuous eating it (like, it's totally wiped out any bitching I have ever done in my entire life) I'll admit I was totally jealous of the photographer Mike's fish curry.
Luckily Sophie the make up artist had ordered these bizarre spring rolls which we felt tasted of fat and are perhaps the Vietnamese version of a Greggs sausage roll.

 If that's' the case then sort it out Vietnam. We certainly aren't gonna be queuing up on a hangover to get those #vomfest 

Luckily the studio provided us with a plate of treats to make up for the fact I hadn't eaten since my 2 breakfasts that morning. 

We then discussed how I would look with a fringe (whilst working REALLLYY hard obviously) and the model said that I look just like "that really famous blogger from We Wore What".

Quick look on google (I'd never heard of it) and she meant Danielle Bernstein. Here's a snap: 
Now, the girl wears sunglasses pretty much ALL THE TIME which is very suspicious, so I'm unsure if this is a compliment or not, but I'll go for yes thanks to her thinness factor. 
We then discussed how me and her were  probably separated at birth due to looking the same, same weight (I'm probably thinner), both work in fashion, and the fact that we both have hugely successful blogs. Weird hey! 

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