Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A trip to Scotts

The old man came down for the day so we decided to fish it up in Scotts, which I reckon is the best fish restaurant in London. Next level. For those of you that don't know it's now more well known as Londons top strangulation spot, ask Nigella. Rumour is they were arguing over who got the last prawn. See told you it was good.

Senior Nellist is the Mark Fowler of the North who has a 3am start time at work. As a result of this, boozing at 11am is like an evening nightcap or so he tells me as we hit the pub at opening hours. His favourite pub in audley street where he used to hang out with his hippy mates in his roadie days apaz! #dadasahippy #stillgotamullet

After a swift half, Obvs I mean pint we headed to Scott's on Mount Street. 

As you enter its like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Never been. So you know it's swank. 

Also it's proper old school the kind of place where seventy year old men in full 3 piece tweed suits with extravagant umbrellas dine alone. I'm a little in awe of  the doorman who looked like he resides at Lords. #wishhewasmygrandad

I start with a champagne cocktail 'twinkle' and the bread and butter. Now normally I wouldn't bang on about something so simple. But it's THE best I've had, I don't know what they put in it. I'm tempted to come back and ask for a tap water and bread. I wonder if that's allowed. 

As the menu is pretty much all fish, great for us weekly 'pescatarians' lolz. I am literally spoilt for choice. It is pricey like so save for special occasions or find someone rich with dollar to take you. A 'friend' of mine once went on so that might be a good place to start looking. 

My dad went for 8, yes 8 deep fried oysters with a sweet chilli dip (We all have mega appetites in the nellist clan) these are amazing, even if you're  not an oyster eater you should try.

I went for the seafood cocktail- I think this may be my death row meal. It has king prawn, lobster and crab. Absolute perfection, suppose it should be for £18.

After this I was full as I'd gorged on the bread and butter and previously eaten the pastry off a sausage roll. I forgot I was veggie. But the old man insisted. 'I'm paying' not one to turn down free food I ordered the sole goujons telling myself I just wouldn't eat tea. I did. 

My dad had the lobster Thermidor with a side of aubergine parmigiana.

Soooo good. I reckon I could eat here daily and never get bored. Then I managed to get the old man drunk and bundle him into Celine where he kept haggling the staff for discount. 'How much???' 'Come on you can at least knock us off fifty quid' The staff looked completely bemused, I'm not sure they deal with many fruit sellers. 

I managed to get these dreamy sandals. I have a pair just like it from river island, but whatevs these ones say ceeelliiiinneee.


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