Friday, 29 May 2015

A Chow- Down

After 5 days living like New Yoikers in Williamsburg we decided to take a long deserved break in our Hampstons Home.

We picked up our Chrysler (poor mans Bentley) or so the woman in Avis told us, cheers love, and headed out of town like the proper New Yorkers we are. It started with Lols as we made Jose try to open a locked boot not knowing we were watching a reverse camera screen in the front in the car.

Like I said. Mega Lolz.
After a 3 hour drive, 2 bags of Cheetos and a jar of liquid cheese, we arrived at my new favourite place. I LOVE the Hamptons. hello home!

Ok OK, so that wasn't our actual pad but ours wasn't pretty shabby either. 

Within about 5 minutes of arrival I'd morphed into Little Edie from grey gardens. Weird Huh?!
For our first night we headed to the Bostwick Chowder house in East Hampton. You know you're in a hot spot when you get handed a flashing lobster to wait in line.  

Jose excited for his chicken wings, we calculated that in his life he's necked about 10,000 , with his teen years in Canada averaging 30 a night. Poor little chick chicks. 

Jamie went for sweet corn chowder.. I mean who does that???! Looks like bananas floating on porridge if you ask me. 

I had the garlic and chilli clams, as a clam lover I was tres excited about this but they were a little on the large side, like when you get a big oyster and it makes you a bit gaggy, well yea like that. 

Then we went for the tuna ceviche wraps. It's become my dish of the moment- raw tuna with avocado and chilli. 

We bought a vat of wine from the local offie and went home to watch  surgery nightmares 'she had a nose like an eggplant' 

Now this is living. 

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