Saturday, 9 May 2015

Shake your Buti

The H&M press office invited me to their showroom at 8.30am to check out their high summer collection and also to take part in an early morning GYMBOX 'Buti Yoga' class. The Time Lord Wanless wasn't with me, so I was pretty impressed with myself for even getting there let alone doing the class.

They'd transformed their west end showroom into a zen style yoga space. 

Now I wouldn't call myself a yoga pro #canteventouchmytoes but I do know my crow from my cobra. This however was no use to me at all when it comes to the  'buti' 

Buti yoga  = a movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out.

Basically it was like it wandered into some tribe in South America doing a yoga class whilst on speed. Imagine rotating your hips while In downward dog pose or playing imaginary drums - you get the gist. I had to stifle the laughter while waiting for Jeremy beadle to pop out. Ok he's no longer with us, so that really would've been something. 

It was HARD and really highlighted my lack of coordination and strength. Thank god I was at the back of the class #standard so I could have a little lay down when no one else was looking. I would defs recommend it for people who like yoga but also prefer a bit more of a workout. This. Involves. Sweat.

As soon as the class was over. Thank the Lord, I checked out the super cute high summer collection and headed to H&M 's juice bar for some healthy treats.

CUTE- get me Hawaii bound. 

Zelta propping up the bar, I imagine a different one to usual ;) 

All the food came from 25 Grains and was free from gluten, dairy and sugar. I went for the vanilla pot which had oats, vanilla, Goji berries, almond milk, chia seeds and toasted coconut flakes. With a side juice of orange, thyme, grapefruit, ginger and lemon. 

For a marmite on toast kinda girl I really enjoyed this and it kept me full til lunch. 

I left feeling reenergised, looking hot (God am I really posting this) and with a monogrammed beach towel for me hols and all before 10am. #winning. Thanks H&M.

P.s don't plan anything important for the next day. Walking is a struggle. 

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