Wednesday, 20 May 2015


When in New York, we went Mexican. Obviously. We headed to the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Bronx where they'd recreated her garden Casa Azul. This was increds a must see to all frida/plant lovers. These cactus' were INSANE, making my half dead succulents look frankly embarrassing. I mean how often are you supposed to water those fuckers?

We lolled around with plants. Yes we are all thirty plus. Get over it. 

On top of the plants and her paintings, they had a Frida bar. Ohhhh Hellloooohoo now you're talking. Culture and booze. I was made for this shit. 

After a quick margherita we ubered it back to LA Esquina on Kenmare street. This is the same as La bodega Negra and there ar some sort of secret stairs that take you through the kitchens to the restaurant apaz.. After letting ourselves into the staff room trying to find the 'secret' restaurant we got shouted at and told it wasn't open yet. #fail. We managed to get a seat outside and start our epic Mexican feast. Arriba. 

Love the Mexican wrestler 'nachos libra' inspired napkins.

We started with nachos and another margarita. Well there was no point stopping now.  

Followed by mixed fish ceviche with avocado, tomatoes, lime jussive and jalapeño and cocktail de camarones. 

Then the tacos.. tecate beer batter fish, red cabbage, guacamole, chipotle mayo on a flour tortilla And pulled pork, shredded cabbage, habanero, pickled onions, jalapeño.

 It was all bloody Delish. I don't actually love Mexican that much either but this was so fresh, I felt pretty smug after eating. Or maybe that was the 2 pitchers of sangria. #wasted #givemeabreakimonmeholidays. 
Then as if by magic Jose and Jamie just happened to walk by! All in a New York moment. 

Frida Bass 

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